Institute for Chinese Studies


Northwest Nazarene University (NNU), in collaboration with Northwest University in Xi’an, continues to expand their Center for Chinese Studies. For over four years, (with offices housed in the Wiley Learning Center) the Institute for Chinese Studies has encouraged students from all walks of life to learn the Chinese language, understand Chinese culture and appreciate Chinese art. It has now grown into a Confucius Institute, which is recognized by the Chinese Department of Education for its quality and integrity to culture and language.

Founded in 1902, Northwest University (NWU) is considered one of the most predominant and well known universities in China. Located in the ancient Chinese capital of, Xi’an, with a history that extends well over 100 years, Northwest University (NWU) ranks within the top 50 universities throughout the country.

The Institute for Chinese Studies is dedicated to helping students strengthen and improve their Chinese skills while fostering an interactive Chinese environment on the NNU campus. The Institute also serves students in the K-12 arena in Idaho to create a platform that expands their knowledge of the Mandarin language and brings about cultural awareness. In essence, the Institute operates as a gateway to China’s diversified culture by providing a wealth of international experiences. Faculty members of the Chinese Study Program are skillful professors from Northwest University (NWU). For those students interested in Chinese Studies, classes are available at the Nampa campus, at the Boise Center, and at selected schools in the Treasure Valley.

As an official Confucius Institute recognized by China, students who participate in the Chinese Language and Culture Training program have a chance to travel to China for two to three weeks. These trips will impart a level of cultural insight into China’s rich traditions giving students an opportunity to explore up-close and personal the dynamic and captivating lives of the Chinese people.

The Institute's Mission

  1. Teach Chinese classes of various types free of cost to NNU students and teachers.
  2. Train teachers to teach Chinese in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.
  3. Sponsor academic activities and cultural exchange programs.
  4. Provide consulting services for individuals wanting to study in China.
  5. Provide reference materials for educators and other professionals.
  6. Promote business exchanges.

Program Introductions

The Confucius Institute is a hub for Chinese studies and cultural exchanges. As a non-profit organization, the Institute aims to promote Chinese teachings and culture in order to facilitate a mutual understanding between the Chinese and the American people. Several communities, local organizations and government agencies have agreed to collaborate with NNU in its quest to develop effective relationships.

President Joel Pearsall

Northwest Nazarene University is pleased to establish the Center for Chinese Studies. Creating this center allows NNU students and faculty the chance to be better equipped for life in the global community. We are excited about the manner in which the Center for Chinese Studies will increase the international reach of NNU.—Joel Pearsall, President